Example Plan


Saturday or Sunday:

Come to Osaka and check-in to your accomodation. We can recommend a good guesthouse facing a big shopping mall.You can go shopping and hung out before the operation. Preoperative examinations for general anesthesia should be done in your hometown before come to Japan. ( a blood test, urine test, electrocardiogram, respiratory function test, chest X-ray and Photo of the ear canal.)



Admit yourself to Oiki Ear and Nose clinic at 9:00.

Surgery for Surfer's ear undergo with general anesthesia in the morning.

Preoperative examinations (CT scan of the ear and hearing test) may undergo before operation.

You can take a rest and stay in a private room after the operation.


Discharge from the hospital. We recommend staying for several days after the operation for postoperative follow up and treatment, especially surfers from other counties. 


Remove all gauze in the ear canal. 

Surfer's Ear Treatment Tour

in Osaka, Japan

We can provide safe treatment for surfer's ear at Oiki Ear and Nose Clinic, Osaka, Japan. We mainly use chisels for surfer's ear surgery to avoid sensory neural hearing loss due to driling noise. Moreover, chisel technique is a better procedure to preserve the skin of the ear canal so it leads to an earlier recovery.

We always try to discuss and confirm the diagonosis and pre-post operative treatment (including pre-operative examinations) for your ear with your doctor (ENT speciallist in your home country) before you come to Japan. 

photo: Yuichi Matsuki

Total cost of surfer's ear operation is about US$5000 for both ears.

This includes hospitalization (one night stay) , pre operative examinations (CT scan, hearing test, endscopy of the ear canal), all meals and medications. Flight fee from your country is not included.

 If you have Japanese national health insurance the total cost is less than 1/3 of the above.

Depending on your country, the total cost for surfer's ear treatment is cheaper than having it done in other country even after including travel expenses to Japan.



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to mail us using the contact form.

photo: Yuichi Matsuki

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Oiki Ear and Nose clinic

2-14-13 yayoi-cho, izumi-shi, Osaka, Japan
Tel (+81) 725-47-3113

It takes about 40min from Kansai Airport (KIX) airport by train and taxi or bus.